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Who are more cyber-vulnerable? The answer, in the CSI Radar of Seville

Thursday June 1, 2023 | Event

  • The agenda of this first edition dedicates a space to how cybersecurity can help the most defenseless.
  • Experts such as Marta Valcarce, Delegate Prosecutor for Minors of Seville, the president of AEVAC, AItor Fernández, or the promoter of the campaign “I am older, not an idiot” Carlos San Juan will share the vision of the groups most affected by cybercrimes.


Cybersecurity has become a fundamental tool for vulnerable people: the elderly, harassed women, minors or people with disabilities, among others.

CSI Radar (Cyber ​​Security International Radar), which will be held from June 12 to 16 in Seville, in a hybrid format, will feature speakers who will address cybersecurity from a more “human” perspective and give a voice to groups that, as the technology, they are more vulnerable.


Cybersecurity, a technology to help others

Carlos San Juan, promoter of the “I’m older, not an idiot” campaign, will bring his vision of this technology as a tool to help the elderly to CSI Radar. He turned this campaign into a symbol of the battle for the financial inclusion of older citizens, obtaining more than 600,000 signatures asking for human attention in bank branches.

“I am almost 80 years old and it makes me very sad to see that the banks have forgotten about older people like me.” This was stated in his campaign to collect signatures. A patient with Parkinson’s, he remains firm in his commitment to give visibility and demand special treatment for the elderly. In the event, it will be possible to know the vision that the elderly have, a very important part of the vulnerable group in society, on aspects related to cybersecurity.

Together, Aitor Fernández, Co-founder and President of the Spanish Association of the Connected Autonomous Vehicle (AEVAC), and Víctor Jiménez, IT&OT Security Researcher and Selfie Technical Coordinator of the Technological Center of Catalonia (EURECAT), will talk about the development of tools for Mobility Cybersecure and trustworthy Connected and Automated Cooperative (CCAM). They will deal with the risks that any driver can have, who is vulnerable to autonomous driving since if they suffer a car hack, they lose security. Aitor Fernández has collaborated in the development of projects with multilateral organizations and large companies both nationally and internationally, and has participated in the development of several of the best-known startups in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Spain.

Encarni Iglesias, President of ‘Stop Digital Gender Violence‘ will address the issue of harassment of women, another sector that is very vulnerable to possible digital cybercrimes. This association was created to provide a comprehensive response to victims of computer crimes such as cyberbullying on social networks. One of its objectives is to provide information to victims on the measures, both technical and legal, necessary to combat this type of crime. “According to the figures we know, 85% of cases of gender violence have a digital sphere: threats, identity theft or pardons,” says Iglesias.

Minors are also highly exposed to cybercrime. Marta Valcarce, Delegate Prosecutor for Minors of Seville of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, will talk about the dangers faced by the little ones online. He will talk about the most important cybercrimes in minors such as bullying, harassment or the distribution of pornography and photographs of minors. Reflections, as a juvenile prosecutor in Seville, in relation to the internet, networks, the protection of minors against the dangers they run within the networks and also in relation to crimes that are related to minors (either because these are victims or perpetrators) and that are committed through digital media. “Not only do we have to question the defense of the minor as an Internet user, but also as a victim of digital violence. Either by adults or by other minors. Our youth lives online. The network is your reality”.

‘CSI Radar’ (Cyber ​​Security International Radar) was born with the aim of giving visibility to all leading companies and multinationals, as well as universities, institutions, manufacturers and experts who are working to improve cybersecurity in companies and public administrations in Spain and in the world. The official agenda is now available on the event website.

This first edition of CSI Radar, organized by Medina Media Events, is promoted by Telefónica Tech, Sevilla City Office and FIBES, and has the support of AWS, Proofpoint, Huawei, ZTE, IBM, Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo and El Observatory.